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Get Ready to Leap into the Future, AI Material Analysis is here.
After long hours and nights of development, a number of iterations, debugging, and testing, we are now excited to release SpectraWeb™, an online cloud platform that allows anybody to build and deploy spectral models in just a couple of clicks.
The time has come to say goodbye to complex and time-consuming model-building spectral analysis processes requiring coding and debugging. We put quite some efforts to create a user-friendly platform that simplifies the entire process for model creation. Whether you’re a pro or new to chemometrics, you’ll find our platform accessible and enjoyable just using your browser! It features advanced functionalities: You can perform outlier selection, use different pre-treatment methods and different algorithms both for classification and quantification and explore effects to assess their impact on the prediction accuracy!
SpectraWeb™ is a crucial part of our platform and in our roadmap to make spectroscopy available to everybody. One step closer to the Spectral Revolution!
Quick tutorial is available here!
If you are curious, please reach-out to our team at

We will send you everything you need to unlock the full power of SpectraWeb™ for real-time spectral analysis!

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