Let’s talk about MantiSpectra, the vertically integrated spin-off of the Eindhoven University of Technology.  

About Us

Our Mission: Making Spectral Analysis Possible For The Masses.

These sensors will be employed directly where needed: on the field by farmers, in the process line on conveyor belts, along the full production chain, at the point-of-care.

About Us

At MantiSpectra, we believe that integrating spectroscopy at a wafer level will open up new applications where volume, robustness and ease-of-integration are key. From distributed sensors for quality measurements and material identification in process-control and agriculture to portable scanners or standalone IoT nodes.

About Us

Meet the Team

Maurangelo Petruzzella

CEO, Co-founder

Francesco Pagliano

CTO, Co-founder

Kaylee Hakkel


Fang Ou

Chief Data & Innovation Officer

Giuseppe Coppola

Chief Growth Officer

Alina Tomeeva

Photonics Engineer

Petar Sevo

Global Innovation Manager

Luca Picelli

Head of R&D

Kris van Tienhoven

Head of Software

Enrico Genco

VP of Engineering

Andrea Fiore

Scientific Advisor

Yvan Satyawan

Science and Software

Leanne Sanders

Office Manager

Leonardo Boarotto

Business Product Development Manager

About Us

Our Supervisory Board

Katja Pahnke

Director of the Dutch Design Foundation, Member of the non-executive board of the German Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Advisory board of Mikrocentrum, and Member of the Supervisory Board of Archipel Zorggroep.

Katja Pahnke graduated in Chemical Engineering in Oldenburg, Germany and started working in the Netherlands in 1999 at TNO. Later on, she worked as managing director at TÜV Rheinland TNO Automotive International BV (now Siemens), TMC Technology Executives and various TMC business cells (Chemical, Mechanical, Automotive), High Tech Systems Center (HTSC) of the University of Eindhoven of Technology (TU/e), Eindhoven Engine and Prodrive Technologies. She holds various advisory and supervisory roles in the high-tech, automotive and financial sectors and was identified in 2022 as the most influential woman of the Brainport region. Katja is driven by making a difference in complex environments through professional leadership, setting up successful cooperations and developing ecosystems.

Benno Oderkerk

Chairman of Photonics NL and Member of the Supervisory Board of PhotonDelta.

Benno Oderkerk graduated from the University Twente in 1988 with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering. He did his master’s Thesis in 1987-1988 at the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. From 1989-1994, he worked as a technical director at STM Sensor Technology in Munich, Germany. In 1994, he co-founded Top Sensor Systems, which was renamed in 2000 as Avantes BV in the Netherlands. As CEO, he grew Avantes in 26 years from a startup to a leading multinational spectroscopy company headquartered in Apeldoorn, with subsidiaries in the US, China and the UK. In 2018, he sold his shares to Nynomic AG, a leading German Photonics company. In September 2020, he resigned as CEO of Avantes and is now active on several Boards of photonics Companies. Benno was President of the Board of EPIC from 2017-2023.

Vincent Kamphorst

Investment Director at Innovation Industries.

Vincent has an academic background in applied physics and started his career in 2011 at OC&C Strategy consultants, where he carried out a variety of strategy, commercial vendor due diligence and business improvement projects. He has a track record in Technology development, strategic sourcing and M&A, which he gained during his time at NXP Semiconductors and ASML. In his last year at ASML, Vincent managed the carve-out and divestment of SwissOptic and Berliner Glass Medical division to Jenoptik GmbH. Vincent is as passionate about working closely with enthusiastic management teams to realize their ambitions, as he is about deep tech investing. Besides that, he is a strategy professional with a passion for game changing technology.

Ewit Roos

General Partner of PhotonVentures, Member of the Advisory Board of Valorization for Einstein Telescope, and Member of the Supervisory Boards of several portfolio companies of PhotonVentures.

Ewit Roos co-founded PhotonDelta eight years ago, leading its growth as CEO. Under his leadership, PhotonDelta built a robust ecosystem involving Dutch universities, research labs, 60+ companies, and investors. This effort secured €1.1 Billion in investments from the Dutch government and corporate partners for the next five years. PhotonDelta facilitated the launch and support of over ten photonics startups. In 2023, PhotonVentures, initially part of PhotonDelta, became an independent investment fund. Ewit’s career highlights strategic contributions in venture capital and corporate partnerships, notably in the semiconductor industry. His tenure at PhotonDelta was marked by advancing the Dutch integrated photonics sector, including founding PhotonVentures VC fund.

Mariano Troccoli

Founder and President of Evolution Photonics Inc.

Mariano is an expert in semiconductor photonics and its applications. He has held academic, entrepreneurial, and investor roles at different times during his career. He currently advises large and small companies on product and business development and sits on the advisory board of companies and investment funds focusing on deep tech. He co-founded and managed two companies, Argos Technologies – an Agilent spinoff,and AdTech Photonics – that commercializes the technologies he developed. He is an LP and angel investor in deep tech ventures. He holds a PhD in quantum electronics from the University of Bari, Italy, and is a Harvard University and Bell Labs alumnus. Mariano has published over 100 articles and patents in photonics, is a Fellow of OPTICA, and is a Senior Member of IEEE and SPIE. He currently lives in Pasadena, CA, with his wife and daughter.

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